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My B´day : December 30Places I want to see : America, Australia, London and MeccaMy inspirator : Joe Satriani Things I hate most : Dibohongin, dicueking, dikacangin. My all time fav song :… Continue reading


My B´day : 11 MarchPlaces I want to see : All America (mostly Hawaii).My inspirator : Simon Philip, The Ataris, Jimmy Eat World Things I hate most : Dibohongin, nunggu dan cemburuan. My… Continue reading


My B´day : September 16 Places I want to see : Coloseum (Rome), Stoneage (UK), Taman Bergantung (Mesopotamia) My inspirator : Kurt Cobain Things I hate most : Rats!!!!!!! Waiting My all time… Continue reading


My B´day : October 5Places I want to see : Heaven ……….My inspirator : God and The Prophets. Things I hate most : I hate Waiting. My all time fav song : Wonderwall